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Here’s How Maddie Ziegler Booked Her Role in ‘West Side Story’

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Ziegler additionally talks approximately operating on one of the maximum harrowing scenes withinside the film.

Maddie Ziegler has done pretty a chunk at simply 19-years-old, however a positive 2021 launch marks a quite full-size breakthrough for her withinside the function movie realm. Ziegler performs Velma in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. Not handiest does the film mark Ziegler’s largest Hollywood manufacturing yet, however it’s a brand new rendition of an Academy Award-prevailing traditional that’s already racking up the accolades this awards season.

While on Collider Ladies Night for any other top notch new launch, The Fallout on HBO Max, Ziegler took the time to run via her enjoy withinside the enjoyment enterprise accordingly far. We mentioned while she first observed her ardour for acting, classes found out from operating on tune videos, what it become like operating contrary Jenna Ortega on The Fallout, and, of course, precisely how she booked her function in West Side Story.

Ziegler commenced with the aid of using revisiting her audition at the west coast:

Maddie Ziegler

“They have been retaining auditions in New York, LA, Puerto Rico, everywhere, and I went into the LA audition. I become simply with Justin Peck and Patty [Lucia Delgado], his spouse who become the assistant choreographer, and additionally Craig [Salstein] who become any other assistant choreographer, and I found out the dance. We did it. We taped it. Great! It went sincerely well, after which I went right into a room with Cindy Tolan who’s the casting director. I love her to death. I study like 3 strains with her, after which I become on my way.”

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Step two? A callback that required Ziegler to take part in any other audition in New York for a completely critical character at the manufacturing. She continued:

“Then were given referred to as in to [the] New York audition, and I become like, ‘I don’t recognize what’s gonna happen.’ I pass in and Steven Spielberg’s withinside the room and I’m simply like, ‘Cool! Okay, so that is it. This is what’s happening.’ And then after that day, they have been like, ‘We need you to are available tomorrow, so I got here withinside the subsequent day, study a few strains with Steven, which I become like, [shaking]. And additionally having to do a New York accent, that become all very scary. And I left and it become an awesome enjoy and I become like, ‘That become cool. I don’t assume I’m gonna get it, so that’s fun.’ And then were given a name some months later. It become the craziest component ever.”

Here's How Maddie Ziegler Booked Her Role in 'West Side Story'

During the West Side Story part of our Collider Ladies Night verbal exchange, we additionally protected Ziegler’s enjoy operating on one of the maximum harrowing scenes of the film. Given that Ziegler’s a dance pro, one may think that incredible fitness center dance collection felt very lots in her wheelhouse. But what approximately while Ariana DeBose’s Anita is going to Doc’s and is assaulted with the aid of using the Jets? Ziegler took a second to have fun DeBose’s extremely good paintings and additionally to focus on an critical distinction among that scene on this new movie and the 1961 original:

Ziegler commenced with the aid of using revisiting her audition at the west coast:

“First of all, insanely transferring overall performance with the aid of using Ariana who performs Anita. That become simply simply breathtaking. I assume it become sincerely cool to have the attitude of getting different girls withinside the room even as that scene become taking place. I assume it’s some thing that very lots is applicable and some thing that wishes to be talked approximately. Female guide is sincerely critical, and having that issue brought into the film become quite loopy and I’m sincerely satisfied that they did that.”


Eager to pay attention extra from Ziegler on West Side Story, transitioning from fact TV to scripted movie and television, her collaboration with Megan Park on The Fallout, and extra? You can pay attention to our 40-minute verbal exchange uncut in podcast shape below:

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